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 -Develop the confidence of speaking in public. It is the perfect platform for those who fear stage,   because, on the other side of the stage, we have the cutest audience.
 - Explore the world of teaching, if you think you have the slightest bit of skills and enhance it.
 - Make new compassionate friends and expand your contacts.
 - You get to be the kids' favorite dada/didi as well!


Join Project Chanchalmann's program

and be an EDUCATOR

Please read the below points carefully...

A. 1 in 40 primary schools in India is conducted in open spaces or tents.

B. On average, there are less than 3 teachers per primary school. They have to manage classes from I to V every day. The state of the Indian education system is in bad shape today.

How do you think you can contribute to a change in the above problem?


Points to include :

1. Do you think this issue is relevant? Why? Explain your reasons.

2. Include any role of leadership in the past. It can be as simple as an initiative taken for a small group. Explain the incident.

3. Please explain how you would address the issue elaborately and if possible specify the objectives.

4. If not as a standalone initiative, through Prangan Foundation what would be your objectives to bring about a change? Also, explain how you would go about achieving them.

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